Welcome to National Academy – Your Partner in Education
Quality education is esteemed by all.  Education is the key to upward social and economic mobility.  National Academy’s mission is to provide quality education to every student registered to pursue any of its courses.  It is our mission also to ensure equal access to education for ages 15 years and over and to give busy working adults the opportunity to advance their careers, without interfering with their personal life styles, by way of flexibility in class schedules.

Advantages of Choosing a Programme/Course at National Academy

  • Gives you the opportunity to earn diplomas and certificates that are recognized overseas.
  • Ability to choose a schedule that is suitable for you.
  • Do clinical with hospitals, clinics, paediatric facilities and nursing homes.
  • Programme is more affordable compared to our competitors offering similar courses.
  • Allowed to sit all final examinations on location including CXC and GCE
  • Have your education credentials evaluated for foreign school and colleges
  • Make friends worldwide
  • Attend lecture only where applicable.
  • The school is an Accdreited Organisation (ATO) that carries out assessment on behalf of NCTVET (National Council on Technical Vocational Education and Training) for nursing certification.  Training schools in Jamaica can access this special facility